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The 4 Disciplines of Execution

A simple, repeatable formula for executing your most important priorities

Every year, organizations spend more than $30 billion on strategy creation—and more than 80% of those strategies fail. Franklin Covey’s The 4 Disciplines of Execution methodology provides the framework for organizations seeking to increase strategic execution by creating a culture of high performance.



Discipline 1: Focus on the Wildly Important

The discipline of focus requires you to go against your basic wiring as a leader and focus on less so your team can achieve more.


Discipline 3: Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

The discipline of engagement requires you to create a players' scoreboard so that members of the team can easily tell whether they are winning or losing. 


Discipline 2: Act on the Lead Measures

The discipline of leverage requires you to identify and act on the measures that are predictive of reaching your goal and that can be influenced by you and the team.


Discipline 4: Create a Cadence of Accountability

The discipline of commitment requires you to hold regularly scheduled team meetings where members make and keep commitments to each other to execute on the wildly important goal. 

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