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About Us



Rhymin (CEO) - Sincerely having the time of my life helping individuals and organisations. They are the real heroes of the world. Call me whenever you want to test your ideas. 

Ed Lim (Coach / Consultant) - Passionate at helping our local Bruneians pitch their ideas and build their practical communication skills so much that they call me "Coach-Ed".

Alfe - Rhymin & I take care of your organisation, understand your challenges and share with them the opportunities for a better future through the right development program. 

Yunus (IT) - I'm a coder and translate your brilliant ideas into practical IT applications.   

Alif - In charge of Finance and Admin, I take care of our team while they take care of you. 

Azim (IT Development) - I enjoy creating solutions using IT and learning more along the way.  Together with Rahimin & Yunus, we support your operations for QueUp, Qore, etc.   

Rahimin (Operations Support) - Being the tech team support, it gives me satisfaction to see all our QueUp deployment working well. (absent from Photo) 

RHYMIN & PARTNERS is a Bruneian company specializing in Coaching & Consultancy and IT Advisory Services. Founded by the former COO of TelBru, Sairul Rhymin C.A. Mohamed, the company began its operations since Dec 2013. We operate in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. 

We help individuals and organisations achieve a higher level of productivity through educating, coaching or introducing process changes.  Everything that we do is driven from your individual or organisational need to become better at what you do.

Alongside our regional consultant partners, Rhymin & Partners delivers on our promises.

Our Clients


Meet the International Collective

Irshad HR Consulting (Irshad) is a human resource management and development consulting firm. Established since 1988, Irshad assists organisations to achieve their corporate visions and objectives through integrated, strategic and solution-oriented HR consulting services which include:-


  • Human resource strategic planning

  • Human capital capacity assessment

  • Competency profiling

  • Performance management system

  • Corporate culture building

  • Talent management and succession planning

  • People assessment and profiling

  • Change management

  • Human resource technology and tools

  • Training and development

For over 30 years, Irshad has trained more than 30,000 participants through both customized in-house training and public programmes for managerial, executive, supervisory and support staff development.


Irshad has also successfully implemented more than 100 HR consulting projects for its clients which include government departments, ministries and statutory bodies, public listed and private companies in Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia.

DotRoot Technologies is a solutions centre that designs, develops and implements mobile solution. The company also offers wide range of multimedia solution such as Graphic Designs, Video editing for Corporate Advertisement and, Events and Web Development.


Alex Tan has been in the forefront of the Leadership Development industry for over 16 years. A man with many talents but passionate about only one; studying and understanding leaders and organisations who are immensely passionate about being the best versions of themselves.

He knows what makes them tick, what feeds their drive, what sustains their grit and how to deliberately develop those virtues to build world-class organisations and talent.


Alex is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Certified Solution-Focused Coach (CSFC). His current high profile clients include a few Forbes 30 Under 30, Prestige 40 Under 40, Pilots, Directors in Ministry Departments, featured Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from the Oil & Gas, Financial, Manufacturing and Health Care industries.

As one of the upcoming thought leaders, Alex publishes articles on the contemporary approach towards Organisational and Talent Development; leading him to be invited to speak at numerous international conferences.

Working with Alex, you can expect:

  • him to stimulate self-discovery by posing powerful questions and thought experiments.

  • him to be clinically truthful to provide objective observation and reflection of your situation.

  • him to challenge your status-quo, push your limits and bend your perspectives.

  • him to groom you to the next level of excellence.

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