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Crucial Conversations

In collaboration with CrucialSkills Leadership Center Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


Crucial Conversations Training teaches skills for communicating when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.


Participants learn the dialogue skills demonstrated by top performers—skills that help you talk with anyone about anything to reach alignment and agreement on important matters.



These skills turn in to behaviors that improve decision making, commitment to action, productivity, and relationships.


Consistent behaviors lead to organizations, teams, and individuals developing high-performance cultures based on trust and respect.

Pres Skill

Presentation Skills for Organisations

The success of an organization hinges on all its members to communicate as a team and align towards one common vision. Achieve this by facilitating your members to communicate effectively, present ideas efficiently and articulate thoughts to excel together as an organization.

Program Outcomes
At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental theories of communication

  • Deliver presentations confidently and effectively

  • Discover their own personal style

  • Project confidence and conviction

  • Organize presentations effectively

  • Analyze audience

  • Evaluate and receive feedback

  • Apply verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Apply rhetoric in presentation


Coaching with Alex Tan

Many organizations have increasingly turned to Coaching as an effective tool to drive and sustain employee performance that leads to delivering targeted business results of the organization


Coaching involves partnering with client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Alex Tan is a registered member with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified as a Solution-Focused Coach. His high profile clients include Pilots, Directors in Ministry Departments, featured Entrepreneurs and Senior Executives from the Oil & Gas, Financial, Manufacturing and Health Care industries.

Working with Alex, you can expect:

  • him to stimulate self-discovery by posing powerful questions and thought experiments.
  • him to be clinically truthful to provide objective observation and reflection of your situation.

  • him to challenge your status-quo, push your limits and bend your perspectives.

  • him to groom you to the next level of excellence.

Further to that, he has successfully helped organisations develop a framework towards Sustainable Coaching Culture (SCC) to spur performance and deliver results.

SOAPBOX is not just another training on the art of conducting effective presentation. It is a program that has been developed to address one paralyzing phobia – public speaking (glossophobia). 
Why are so many people terrified of public speaking? Statistics have shown that there are more people petrified of speaking in public as compared to dying. Break this phobia with simple tools and coaching before you progress to become an excellent speaker.
SOAPBOX arises from Ed’s personal journey through his career in a highly technical industry. He developed the technique and applied it to many situations such as general presentations, breaking bad news to his boss and handling presentation situations when things starts to go wrong. where he has applied the technique . He started to develop SOAPBOX for his personal and professional improvement. Over the course of more than a decade, his colleagues and friends have asked for his assistance in overcoming their fear in presentation.
Your journey starts here.
“A Soapboxer is a person whom has overcome their fear of speaking in public.”
Ed Lim
Decision Making

Decision Making & Problem Solving

Much of what business managers and supervisors do is solve problems and make decisions and they are likely to do it by reacting to the problems the same way they did before. Problem Solving & Decision Making for Managers workshop, participants will appreciate an organized approach to problem solving and decision making as well as a creative angle in viewing problems.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the Psychology of Problem Solving

  • Define a Structured Problem Solving Process

  • Understand Cause-Effect-Symptom-Problem Relationship in Problem Definition

  • Apply Cause-Effect Tools and Techniques and Develop Root-Cause Analysis

  • Apply Idea Generation Tools and Techniques in Formulating Creative Solutions

  • Apply Evaluative Tools and Techniques for Decision Making Process

  • Identify Strategic Considerations in Evaluating Risks and Implementing Solutions

Team Building

Team Building

Team Building Programs are conducted not only to give employees fun but more importantly to teach each other teamwork skills; usually via a process of self-discovery in a safe and fun-filled environment. It is filled with physically and mentally challenging activities, encouraging interactivity amongst participants. Useful for initiating a new organisation culture to the employees. 

Each team-building program will be tailored specifically to your requirements. Among the key takeaways are:

  • Discover effective ways accomplish the tasks through cooperation and collaboration

  • Enable each other to discover internal strength and weakness

  • Reveal individual potential leadership capabilities 

  • Develop communication skills and develop  a sense of camaraderie amongst team members by helping each other to achieve a common goal 

  • Learn the importance of communicating ideas and experiences to accomplish common goals 

  • Improve morale and motivation; and a sense of belonging and pride for the organisation 

If needed, special props or materials will be prepared for the activities. You can opt to conduct the team-building activities indoors or outdoors or at any venue of your choice. The program can be tailored for half-day, full day or two days as needed. 

Enhance teamwork. Introduce new change program effectively
through highly interactive and fun teambuilding workshop.

Business Process Improvement 

Processes within organization help standardize the workflow and facilitate collaboration. From time to time, these processes require review due to changes in strategy, external influence, productivity improvement needs or simply due to technology updates.

Join our 3-days Business Process Improvement Workshop/ Training and learn the simple and effective steps to help you review your processes and keep your operations efficient. Participants will be able to identify improvement opportunities through process management. They will learn a systematic approach to identify process issues, analyse and redesign the process for better streamlining and efficiency, and recommend potential measures to improve work processes to reduce wastage or non-value activities.

The benefit of joining the training are:

  • Understanding the concept of BPI

  • Learn the proven techniques on how to carry our successful BPI

  • Practice the techniques

  • Listen to success stories of BPI

  • Understand the critical success factors and pitfalls of BPI implementation 

It can be further enhanced through post-training implementation coaching where participants can be coached individually or as a group on a selected real case study of their choice. 

Improve efficiency. Reduce wastage. Increase savings.
Learn the simple, proven and pragmatic way of
improving your business processes

Innovative Queue Management System

Introducing the Innovative QueUp

QueUp is an innovative queue management system that is a direct replacement to any conventional 

queue system The system is totally conceptualised and designed by Rhymin & Partners. The Idea has won the Anugerah Cemerlang Perkhidmatan Awam 2016 for the best idea of the year from the Private Sector. His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam conferred the award during the Civil Service Day in October 2016.

Working alongside DotRoot as our Technology Partner, the system was launched at the Department of Immigration and National Registration in July 2017 and has proven its capability with awesome results. 

Key Features of QueUp are:

  • Conventional Queue System for walk-in customers with integrated Booking

  • Versatile customisable Ticket Kiosk

  • Customisable Ticket

  • Customisable Counter Call/Selection 

  • Friendly Booking Application available via GooglePlay or AppStore. Over 21000 downloads.

  • Cost-effective and Fast Deployment

  • Original Novel Idea 

  • Proven to save thousand of hours of public time.

  • 100% Bruneian product. LBD-friendly.

  • Dedicated support

  • Optional customer survey

  • Excellent response from Public with net-promoter-score of over 80%

Save time. Avoid long queues.
Call us for a PILOT TRIAL and judge for yourself.

Electronic Survey Platform

Introducing QORE

Qore is an electronic platform that allows you to carry out customer satisfaction survey at your branch or office. Your customers enters their responses onto electronic tablets.  You can gather valuable reports on counter performance or receive constructive feedback from your customers.

Key Features of QORE

  • Electronic customer survey system

  • Customer-friendly

  • Customisable questions

  • Simple. Fast to deploy

  • Generated reports

  • 100% Bruneian product. LBD-friendly.

  • Dedicated support

IT Advisory

IT Advisory

We provide End-to-end Project Life-Cycle Management beginning with Tender Preparation, Evaluation, Contract Negotiation & Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Go-Live management.

Amongst the services we can provide are:

  • Business Process Improvement/Re-Engineering (BPI/BPR)

  • Supply of IT Expert experienced resource Staff Provision in areas of System and Application Design, Business Analysis, Database Management, Application Development, System Implementation and Testing. We have access to a pool of on-demand skilled resources to fill gaps as-and-when needed.

  • Rapid application development using prototyping model (2 – 3 months turnaround)

Our Strength

  • Deep understanding of clients’ needs

  • Pragmatic but effective approach by optimising the limited present capabilities

  • Our internally-developed VSD (value-driven service delivery) Model


Our Value-Driven Service Delivery (VSD) Model

We have developed our internal Value-Driven Service Delivery Model as an approach that can be taken for a general project. Nonetheless, we are also open to follow any other frameworks that would suit the client’s approach.
 VSD Model and Resource Fit
For the various stages of the service delivery, we have defined typical resource requirements. These resource requirements are subject to the organisational gap analysis. Where needed, Rhymin & Partners would be available to source and provide these resources to fill the gaps.
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