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Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

As the world is adapting to IR4 and high skilled labor is in high demand. Therefore, it is necessary to equip and upskill ICT workforce in the areas of IR4.

This year, AITI initiated a Data Analytics skills development program facilitated by Rhymin & Partners together with Cloudswyft. The industry-grade ICT skills development courses as listed below:

1.SQL for Data Analytics (Beginner 2 days) 08-09Mar 2021
2.Programming and Data Analytics with Python (Beginner 3 days) 15-17 Mar2021
3.Data Analytics Essentials using Power BI (Advanced 3 days) 29Mar-01Apr 2021
4.Data Analytics for Business including Data Management and Data Visualization (Advanced 5 days) 05-09Apr 2021
5.Certified Analytics Professional - CAP (Advanced 12-Hours with Certification Exam)


AITI is subsidizing 60% to 80% for selected 50 applicants after passing the course exam. Participants will be awarded a Course Certificate and Digital Badge upon completion of the Course and Examination module.


  • Delivered by subject-matter experts in VILT format.

  • Virtual Lab environment provided for participants for hands-on exercises and also offline practice.

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Fill in the registration form and nominate yourself or your employee for the course.


Simply call, text or email.

T: +673 2450710

Mobile/WA:  Ms Alfe 7155268 / Firdaus 8365070 / Alif 7212396


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