David Allen's
Getting Things Done®
In-house Trainings
Public Courses
Train-the-Trainers (for large organisations)
Concept and Theory of GTD®
Capture / Clarify / Organise / Reflect / Engage
Day 2
Set up of individual GTD® System (your own choice of paper or electronic)
(after 3 weeks)

Assess individual usage/adoption of GTD® and helps to develop the GTD® habit to manage their daily tasks and weekly review habit.

Alternative: Guided Weekly Review

Day 1
Participants will learn the basic theories and practice regarding GTD®
Participants will be able to walk-away with their ready-to-use GTD® system
Individual guidance for participants
Experience GTD® Level 1.
Achieve more with less stress.
After attaining stability with your actions in Level 1, you are now ready to expand your envelope to do more and achieve more.   
Day 1
  • Mine for more projects
  • Learn and Practice the Natural Planning Model®
  • Expand reviews to higher horizons 
Expand your inventory of projects significantly by mining new projects from higher horizons.
Apply the simple yet effective Natural Planning Model for their projects.
Participant will take away a clear view of their projects linked to their priorities. 
Stretch your Envelope. 
Achieve more successes. 
Bringing it all together, setting clear purpose and direction helps create sustainable focus and coherence. This is the ultimate outcome in the path of GTD® Mastery. 
Training Level 3 is currently not available

Crucial Conversations

In collaboration with CrucialSkills Leadership Center Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


Presentation Skills for Organisations


Introducing the Innovative QueUp

QueUp is an innovative queue management system that is a direct replacement to any conventional 

queue system The system is totally conceptualised and designed by Rhymin & Partners. The Idea has won the Anugerah Cemerlang Perkhidmatan Awam 2016 for the best idea of the year from the Private Sector. His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam conferred the award during the Civil Service Day in October 2016.

Working alongside DotRoot as our Technology Partner, the system was launched at the Department of Immigration and National Registration in July 2017 and has proven its capability with awesome results. 

Key Features of QueUp are:

  • Conventional Queue System for walk-in customers with integrated Booking

  • Versatile customisable Ticket Kiosk

  • Customisable Ticket

  • Customisable Counter Call/Selection 

  • Friendly Booking Application available via GooglePlay or AppStore. Over 21000 downloads.

  • Cost-effective and Fast Deployment

  • Original Novel Idea 

  • Proven to save thousand of hours of public time.

  • 100% Bruneian product. LBD-friendly.

  • Dedicated support

  • Optional customer survey

  • Excellent response from Public with net-promoter-score of over 80%

Save time. Avoid long queues.
Call us for a PILOT TRIAL and judge for yourself.

Introducing QORE

Qore is an electronic platform that allows you to carry out customer satisfaction survey at your branch or office. Your customers enters their responses onto electronic tablets.  You can gather valuable reports on counter performance or receive constructive feedback from your customers.

Key Features of QORE

  • Electronic customer survey system

  • Customer-friendly

  • Customisable questions

  • Simple. Fast to deploy

  • Generated reports

  • 100% Bruneian product. LBD-friendly.

  • Dedicated support

We have developed our internal Value-Driven Service Delivery Model as an approach that can be taken for a general project. Nonetheless, we are also open to follow any other frameworks that would suit the client’s approach.
 VSD Model and Resource Fit
For the various stages of the service delivery, we have defined typical resource requirements. These resource requirements are subject to the organisational gap analysis. Where needed, Rhymin & Partners would be available to source and provide these resources to fill the gaps.